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The earth is the Lord’s and all it holds…. (Ps 24:1)

It’s harvest time and the news this year is not so good. The devastating drought has resulted in yields well below normal and led to the suffering of farm families in the nation and in Kentucky. Making matters worse,
Congress has left town to campaign and the Farm bill seems likely to wither like a dying vine and expire on Sep. 30. Let your members of Congress know how disappointing it is they walked out of town without helping Kentucky’s suffering farmers to serve their own interests.

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The right to food and the obligation to care for the gift of God’s earth are both issues brought up when farming is a topic. The National Catholic Rural Life Conference is an excellent resource for those who wish to understand agricultural issues here and abroad; advocate for food justice; and eat ethically. On its website the Conference describes its purpose and what it hopes to achieve:

Our mission is to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ for the social, economic, and spiritual development of rural America with responsibility for the care of God’s creation. By providing spiritual, educational and advocacy assistance, NCRLC helps rural people shape their futures and lead lives of dignity.

While the issues facing rural communities may have changed or evolved over the past 80+ years, NCRLC’s commitment to Catholic rural America hasn’t wavered, placing an emphasis on challenges facing Rural Outreach and Ministry, Stewardship of Creation and Agriculture and Food.

NCRLC collaborates with many others, including Catholic conferences, to work for justice in matters related to agriculture, food distribution, and care of creation. The website invites us all to collaborate:

Click on this graphic for info on October Food Day events and other info to make this a more just world.

This harvest time of year for us is an opportunity to consider why hunger persists in the world.

According to international relief agencies, one in seven people go to bed hungry every night. Not because there isn’t enough food, but because of deep imbalances in access to resources like fertile land and water.
Learn more about these imbalances in our faith-based study guide: Food Security and Economic Justice
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