FEBRUARY 4 – Prevent Gun Violence Call-In Day02 Feb

The U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is working with other faith communities to ask our federal lawmakers to enact reasonable legislation to reduce gun violence. In a joint letter from Faiths United To Prevent Gun Violence the Bishops and others are asking that legislation include the following provisions:

  • Require universal background checks for all gun purchases;
  • Ban semi-automatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines;
  • Make gun trafficking a federal crime; and
  • Improve access to mental health services

February 4 is a special Prevent Gun Violence Call-In Day to let members of Congress know how important this legislation is. Please add your voice on Monday and help make a difference in the level of violence found in our country.

Bishop Stephen Blaire addressed this issue in a Jan. 18 statement:

The bishops hope that the steps taken by the administration will help to build a culture of life. The frequent mass shootings over the course of 2012 reflected a tragic devaluing of human life, but also pointed to the moral duty of all people to take steps to defend it.

Graphic: courtesy Faith Calling

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