Immigration Reform Debate Hits the Senate Floor10 Jun

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For the next several weeks debate about comprehensive immigration reform will center on the U. S. Senate as it takes up S. 744 and begins to vote on amendments offered by members of both parties. This bi-partisan bill contains much that the Catholic Conference and the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops can support.

Like everyone else who advocates for reform we believe there could be improvements to the measure related to areas of the legislation that deal with family reunification, the path to legalization, and elements of the border security provisions. In addition, there is currently nothing in the bill that addresses the root causes of migration that, if addressed, we believe could benefit the lives of those who remain in the sending nations and relieve pressure on our borders because fewer persons would desire to migrate.

Our previous post, Advocacy Training Day Successful, provided more details about the bill and we need not repeat them here. Following that post another successful training day brought 50 persons to Pax Christi parish in Lexington and CCK is working closely with them to promote the bill.

As the debate gets on the way it, NOW is the time to make contact with Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul. Senator McConnell promised after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to send the bill to the Senate floor that he would allow for a vote to proceed on the debate. And Senator Paul has announced his support for major elements of the bill though he plans to offer amendments related to specific border control issues. Without the text of those amendments, the U. S. Bishops cannot announce either support or opposition to his proposals.

CapitollBut, you can Take Action.

  • Pray for continued progress on this measure.
  • Click here to send a digital postcard to both our Senators and your member of the House of Representatives.
  • Talk about the issue with others from a faith perspective that values human dignity.
    • Engage your fellow parishioners by downloading the postcard for printing and then organize a postcard signing event after weekend liturgies and send or deliver them to local Congressional offices of our Senators and House members..
    • Post information on your personal Facebook Page.
    • Twitter user? Tweet information to your followers and RT our CCK tweets.
  • Visit the Catholic Conference Facebook page and LIKE.
  • Visit the Who is Your Neighbor? Facebook page and LIKE it to have access to what others in the state are doing.
  • Follow CCK on Twitter: @CCofKY

Once the bill clears the Senate, probably by July 4th, the debate will move to the House and there will be even more work to do there.

From the Justice For Immigrants website, itself a very important resource for those wanting to know more about the Church’s teaching regarding migrants, comes this presentation from Rev. Fred Kammer, S.J.: Immigration: Scriptural and Theological Foundations. This brief presentation provides much food for thought and reflection and can be helpful to those called to advocate on behalf of poor and vulnerable persons.

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