Informed Consent Passes Senate Overwhelmingly; Now in House Chamber16 Jan

UPDATE: Senate Bill 3 has now passed the Senate on a 33 – 5 vote. With this strong bi-partisan vote, SB 3 is now in the House chamber for consideration. To see how your State Senator voted click here. Please thank your Senator if he or she voted YES. If your Senator was a NO vote, express your disappointment. You can call 1.800.372.7181 to leave a message for your legislators.

ACTION: Call 1.800.372.7181 and urge your State Representative to support Senate Bill 3 by asking House Democratic leaders to assign it to a committee where it will not only be heard, but stand a chance to pass.

The law is not the only means of protecting life, but it plays a key and often decisive role in affecting both human behavior and thinking. Those called to civil leadership, as Pope John Paul II reminds us, “have a duty to make courageous choices in support of life, especially through legislative measures.” –Gospel of Life, No.90

Sen. Sara Beth Gregory and supporters testify on SB3

Sen. Sara Beth Gregory and supporters testify on SB3

Sen. Sara Beth Gregory testifed in the Senate Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection Committee about Senate Bill 3. The bill is needed to make it clear that the informed consent law requires a face-to-face conversation with the patient in the same room, and not merely telling a patient to listen to a pre-recorded telephone message.

The current practice is disrespectful of the woman as a person. It treats her as an object, a mere recipient of information. It does not allow her to ask questions, get additional information, or explain her own health history.

In relying on a recorded message, Kentucky abortion practitioners deny their patients the information they need to make an informed consent about whether or not to proceed with an abortion. As former U. S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart wrote, “Abortion is inherently different from other medical procedures because no other procedure involves the purposeful termination of a potential life.”

After brief testimony from Ms. Jan Antos, Executive Director of A Loving Choice pregnancy resource center in Shelbyville, and after comments from representatives of Kentucky Right to Life, SB 3 passed out committee with a bi-partisan 7 – 2 vote. It will be debated and voted upon by the full Senate next week. It is expected to pass in that chamber by a wide margin.

This bill is one of several which we will focus on at the annual Catholics@theCapitol event, February 3 and 4. We invite all Kentucky Catholics to join us in Frankfort for that event and you can call the office to register or you can register online by clicking HERE.

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