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The Politics of Guns19 Sep

By Fr. John S. Rausch A recent spate of high profile murders has people scrambling for reasons.  The massacre of 12 movie goers in Aurora, Colorado, the murder of 6 worshipers at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin and the shootings outside the Empire State Building in New York raise the level of anxiety in all […]

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Bishops’ Statement on Passage of HB 563 – School Choice
The Bishops of Kentucky have issued the following statement following the passage of HB 563. A PDF copy of the statement may be downloaded by clicking here. We applaud the Kentucky legislature for the passage of House Bill 563. This legislation provides more opportunities for parents with limited financial means to decide where their children […]

KY House Passes Educational Choice Bill for Public and Certain Non-Public School Families
House Republicans recently combined Education Opportunity Account legislation with another bill, HB 563, that deals with enrollment at public schools, and considered the combined bills for a vote today. But the new HB 563 initially prohibited Catholic school and other non-public school families from receiving tuition assistance. Thankfully, Rep. Matt Lockett put forth a floor […]