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Kentucky Bishops Join in Call to Reduce Poverty in U.S.

Cincinnati, OH. – (July 24, 2003) Kentucky’s bishops commend the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) for its long-standing commitment to address and eliminate the root causes of poverty in the United States. As Roman Catholics we take pride in the work of CCHD and the witness to justice by all the cyclists and their supporters involved in the Brake the Cycle Poverty Tour 2003.

Poverty remains a reality for far too many Americans. In the United States poverty is continuing to rise and too many American families are being left behind. It is a moral tragedy that one in six children live in poverty. It is unconscionable 44 million Americans have no access to affordable health insurance. It is a grave injustice that so many Americans have no access to safe affordable housing. It is unacceptable that so many Americans work and yet cannot make ends meet.

In our state, Kentucky, the General Assembly has repeatedly failed to address structural budget imbalances. As a result low-income Kentuckians are burdened by a systemic injustice which places one of the highest income tax burdens on those least able to afford it.

CCHD programs and its self-help approach to reducing the injustice of poverty is but one solution to reducing poverty and improving human life. Government and decision makers must make the poor a priority when setting policies and writing budgets. As Bishop Wilton Gregory, President of the United States Catholic Conference recently stated: "A fundamental moral measure of our nation’s budget policy is whether it enhances or undermines the lives and dignity of the most vulnerable members of our society. ... Preserving an adequate safety net for the poor and vulnerable may not command as much attention as homeland security, tax cuts and military expenditures, but it is a fundamental moral obligation of a responsible society."

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