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Catholic Conference of Kentucky Joins

In Support of Governorís Revenue Recovery Plan

Frankfort, KY (February 21, 2000) - - The Catholic Conference of Kentucky (CCK) joined with 23 other human services, education advocates, and social justice organizations today in support of Governor Paul Pattonís Revenue Recovery Plan.

As presently drafted, the Governorís plan increases state spending on social and educational programs without resorting to an expansion of gambling in Kentucky. CCK has long opposed any expansion of gambling in the state and commends the Governor for his willingness to explore other means to raise revenue. CCK recognizes that failure to pass the Governorís plan would have devastating impact on programs that serve the Commonwealthís marginalized and most vulnerable populations. These populations include those with disabilities, low income families, youth in early childhood education, and victims of sexual and domestic abuse.

CCK has long supported a more progressive, and thereby just, tax structure in Kentucky. As presented, the Governorís plan reduces taxes for one million tax payers and makes no changes for 275,000 tax payers. Presently, the stateís income tax code taxes low income workers at the first $5,000 dollars of income (one of the highest in the nation). Governor Pattonís plan moves the state into conformity with the federal tax code. This proposal alone eliminates taxes for an estimated 190,000 low income tax payers, many of whom are leaving welfare for work. Viewed as a whole, the Governorís proposal takes important steps in the right direction towards broadening the tax structure and creating a more equitable and progressive tax structure for all citizens in the Commonwealth.

For Catholics, the fundamental moral measure of any economy is how the poor and vulnerable are faring. Catholics are to bring the gospel vision to our economic structures today and thereby transform human lives and our Commonwealth. All of economic life should recognize the fact that we are all God's children and members of one human family, called to exercise a clear priority for "the least among us."

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