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Bishops' Conference Denounces Passage of House Bill

Authorizing Cloning for Human Experimentation 

Frankfort, KY (February 20, 2003) – Kentucky’s House of Representatives today passed legislation (59 to 40)that authorizes the creation of human clones to become the raw material for medical experiments. House Bill 265, sponsored by Representative Larry Clark (D-46), will allow research institutions to create clones and then harvest the human embryonic stems.

"Despite the bill's deceptive label, it authorizes the cloning of human embryos for research," said Vince Senior, Executive Director of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky.

In the human cloning debate, supporters of the bill have attempted to cloud the issue by suggesting that "reproductive cloning" and "therapeutic cloning" are two different methods of cloning. Therapeutic cloning, or any other semantic variant used, is mere illusion.  By definition, all cloning is reproductive: creating and reproducing a new developing human life genetically identical to the cloned subject.  The exact same process is followed in both procedures and creates the same product – a developing human embryo. The bishops’ conference analysis of HB 265 concluded that the bill fails to prevent the creation and destruction of a human clone. "House Bill 265 supports somatic cell nuclear transfer, which is simply the scientific name for cloning," Senior said.

Representative Clark made it clear that his bill intends to ban the production of human clones while allowing for "life-saving" research. "The supposed medical benefits of human cloning remain unproven, but this bill's threat to human life and dignity is real and immediate," Senior said.

According to Senior "If this bill were to become state law, Kentucky would be in the disgraceful position of mandating the death of a class of human beings before birth. Such disregard for human life must be rejected, the ends never justify the means."

CCK is urging members of the Senate to reject this deceptive approach and amend HB 265 with language banning all human cloning.


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