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Catholic Conference of Kentucky

Establishes Presence on World Wide Web

CCK brings Catholic witness in state Capital to the internet

Frankfort, KY (February 1, 2000) - - The Catholic Conference of Kentucky’s web-site is now available at www.ccky.org for Catholics and interested persons.

CCK offers its web-site as a resource during the Kentucky General Assembly and as a source of information on the activities, events and publications from the Bishops’ Conference. All of the Kentucky Bishops’ Pastoral Letters are posted as well as a special coverage of the Kentucky General Assembly.

Coverage of the General Assembly features the Bishops’ legislative priorities, status reports for legislation of importance to Catholics, legislative action alerts, how the legislative process works, how to contact legislators, and how Catholics can be more involved as faithful citizens.

The web-site provides coverage for the Kentucky League for Educational Alternatives and its legislative priorities. Information on Opportunities for Life is also available on the site. Opportunities for Life is the Kentucky Bishops’ statewide outreach effort to individuals experiencing untimely pregnancies.

CCK expects that Catholics and other interested parties will find the web-site a valuable source of information about the Church’s role in stewarding public policy.


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