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Kentucky Bishops Praise Judge’s Ruling in 

Informed Consent Case

Louisville, KY (December 21, 2000) – Kentucky’s Roman Catholic bishops praised the ruling by U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn affirming Kentucky’s new "Informed Consent" law as reasonable and constitutional.

Jane Chiles, Executive Director of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky, the bishops' public policy agency, said "Judge Heyburn’s ruling is well-balanced and re-affirms the decision of the General Assembly to pass this law and guarantee a woman's access to detailed health related information and life-affirming options to abortion."

The Catholic Conference supported passage of the law in 1998 (House Bill 85) which requires abortion providers to counsel women with detailed health information 24 hours prior to an abortion. Women seeking abortion will now receive state approved information on the health risks associated with abortion. The law requires the state to produce a booklet detailing fetal development and make it a part of the pre-abortion counseling process. 

According to Jane Chiles, "Before anyone makes a medical decision, individuals have a right to know the risks and options available." Ms. Chiles added "This law protects the rights of women in the process of making an irreversible decision  and may reduce the number of babies being aborted and the post-abortion trauma that we know to be sadly real for some women."

Kentucky’s bishops sponsor several ministry programs addressing the needs of women and their families when faced with untimely pregnancy. Opportunities For Life is a pregnancy information hotline available 24-hours seven days a week (800-822-5824). Project Rachel is a pastoral outreach program for those dealing with grief associated following an abortion. Assistance is available from priests, counselors and post-abortion support groups. Catholic Charities and Catholic Social Services offices across the state offer adoption services and counseling.

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