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CCK Statement on Kentucky's Medicaid Budget Crisis

Frankfort, KY (March 7, 2001)  Several key elements must be present as a solution to the growing Medicaid deficit is sought. The process must occur in the light of day. It must not occur behind closed doors. It must include consumer representation. The framework for the discussion must acknowledge Medicaid as a binding social contract to Kentucky’s most vulnerable, to our parents’ generation that depends upon Medicaid for its long-term care needs, to our neighbors dealing with all forms of physical and mental disabilities, and to Kentucky’s children.

The Medicaid solution must not be a double-edged sword, one that slashes expenses at the same time that it shreds our commitment to the defenseless.

The message around the Medicaid solution must not be "Medicaid, heal thyself!" We must look outside of the Medicaid program for a portion of the remedy.

CCK is looking forward to working with the Patton administration and assure all of our commitment to an effort that maintains Kentucky’s strong sense of worth of all Kentuckians.



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