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Kentucky’s Catholic Bishops Join with Homeless Advocates to Restore Funding to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Frankfort, KY (February 27, 2003) - - The Catholic Conference of Kentucky is joining efforts to restore funding for the Kentucky Affordable Housing Trust Fund in the state budget. Advocates for low-income housing and the homeless hope to persuade House and Senate budget conferees to restore the funding which was transferred to the state Medicaid program in the Senate version of the state budget (House Bill 269).

The bishops’ conference is lobbying Senate and House leadership to restore the funding to the AHTF which creates new housing units for the disabled, seniors and the working poor in Kentucky. According to CCK Policy Analyst, Scott Wegenast, "Even in lean budget years it is vital to maintain the state’s commitment to its citizens who desperately need safe affordable housing. Far too many Kentuckians and their children do not have access to affordable housing. Under the direction of the Kentucky Housing Corporation, the Affordable Housing Trust Fund has done an amazing job of leveraging other dollars and creating new housing for more than 3, 000 households all across the state."

CCK is calling on all Catholics across the state to contact their representatives in support of restoring the funding. "Our goal is to demonstrate to House and Senate leadership that access to affordable housing stabilizes low-income families, provides security for the disabled and builds healthy communities," said Wegenast.

The Conference recognizes that the Medicaid program is also a priority item in the budget, but cautions that it must not come at the expense of other programs serving seniors, the disabled and the working poor. According to Wegenast, "House and Senate leadership must not allow the choice to be between housing or medical care, both programs serve the daily basic needs of thousands of Kentuckians, both programs deserve the highest priority in the budget. Our state government must not ask the elderly, the disabled and the working poor to suffer any more cuts in these difficult economic times."


CCK is the public policy agency of the state’s four Roman Catholic dioceses.


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