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Grassroots Coalition Supports Governor's Call for Overhaul of State Tax Code

Frankfort, KY (January 3, 2001) – The Coalition for Tax Fairness, a statewide coalition of citizen advocates, human service organizations, child advocates, religious groups and social justice organizations, is calling on the General Assembly to support Governor Paul Patton in seeking to modernize the state’s tax laws.

A spokesperson for the coalition, Jane Chiles, of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky stated, "The Governor’s willingness to take this first step is courageous and forward looking. Kentucky’s tax structure must move forward to adapt to a changing economy and provide a more just tax structure for low income Kentuckians."

The Coalition for Tax Fairness formed several years ago to seek changes in how Kentucky taxes its low-income workers. Kentucky has one of the highest tax burdens on low-income workers in the country. In the 2000 General Assembly, the Coalition supported a proposed refundable earned income tax credit (EITC), similar to the federal EITC for low-income workers.

The Coalition issued its fundamental requirements for comprehensive tax reform:


Provide immediate relief from the high tax burden on Kentucky’s low-income workers;


Adapt the tax structure to a fast changing economy;


Produce adequate state revenues to meet changing social needs in the Commonwealth.

As coalition partner, the Kentucky Council of Churches’ Executive Director, Nancy Jo Kemper stated, "Members of the General Assembly must take a fresh and open-minded approach to fixing the state’s tax code. What is needed now is a bi-partisan commitment to get the job done."

During the 2000 General Assembly, leadership in both the House and Senate agreed that the state places too high a burden on its low-income taxpayers. Debra Miller, Executive Director of Kentucky Youth Advocates states, "We need to design a tax system that allows all Kentuckians, regardless of income, to more fully participate in the state’s economy. Creating a tax structure that is fair promotes self-sufficiency for low-income workers and puts new dollars into local economies."



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